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DSC Status
ASP: Application Service Provider
B2B: Business to Business
B2C: Business to Corporate
CA: Certifying Authorities
CP: Certificate Policy
CPS: Certificate Practice Statement
DSC: Digital Signature Certificates
ERP: Enterprize Resources Planning
ISO: International Standard for Organizations
ISP: Internet Service Provider
IT Act: Information Technology Act
IT: Information Technology
NRDC: National Repository of Digital Certificates
PAN: Permanent Account Number
PKI: Public Key Infrastructure
RA: Registration Authority
RCAI: Root Certifying Authority of India
SSL: Secure Socket Layer
VPN: Virtual Private Network
Class 2 only Sign 2 Years @ Rs 932/- +GST without Token || (n)Code will now issue Digital Signature Certificates as per New Interoperability Guidelines ver 5.2 || Notifications by office of CCA for issuance of digital signature certificate :: Notification 1, Notification 2, Notification 3. || "Time Stamp Authentication services launched" http://timestamping.ncode.in ||
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