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(n)Share enables easy, instant, authentic and secure information sharing in a pre-defined format of a newsletter, which is sent to desired people by e-mail. One can disseminate and share useful Technical information / confidential information / Announcements / Circulars / Notices to a predefined group of persons via email. The format, contents and the information can be sent at any frequency as per the organization's requirement and can be totally customized. Maintains a history of all the information sent. Allows creation of different templates with different color and layout choices.

         •  It is PKI enabled application and provides information sharing in a consistent and structured manner.
         •  Sharing of information is easy, instant, economical and secure.
         •  Information to be shared is created as per the organizations requirements and can be totally customized.
         •  Provides a secure mailing mechanism, as Digital Signature Certificate is used for mail signing.
         •  Enables organizations to share product details with customers, Stake holders, Project progress reports              etc. among others.
         • Helps Chartered Accountants share new IT Acts, Amendments in taxation policies, taxation related              guidelines etc.
         •  Saves expenses of stationery and postage.
         •  Helps educational institutes share tutorial materials, question papers, queries etc. with students.
         •  History of the mails sent can be maintained, which can help track the information sent at any point of              time..
         •  A Windows based application; no extra software license required.

(n)Share a significant product for all organizations.
It is a useful web based application for organizations who require sharing information is a secure manner. It can find wide usage with Banks, Educational Institutes, Financial Organizations, Pharmaceutical companies, Government sectors, Information Technology companies, Call Centers, Telecom Industry, Consultants, Chartered Accountants etc.

(n)Code will now issue Digital Signature Certificates as per New Interoperability Guidelines ver 5.2 || Notifications by office of CCA for issuance of digital signature certificate :: Notification 1, Notification 2, Notification 3. || "Time Stamp Authentication services launched" http://timestamping.ncode.in || "Time Stamp Authentication services launched" https://esign.ncode.in/esig ||
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