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(n)Tree offers PKI based features for securing systems across enterprise. It introduces a new level of system security wherein Software applications can be specifically access-controlled for individuals as well as group of users with their Digital signature Certificates. PCs also be secured using (n)Tree.
         •  Provides secure access to system using PKI technology.
         •  Ensures and enables access to desktop only if the token having DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) of the              authorized person is available.
         •  Provides a mechanism to access and run important applications by authorized persons only.
         •  Grants rights to access the system or important programs to authorized personnel only.
         •  Can lock the .exe files and ask for the authentication of the authorized person to unlock for reinstallation              or installation of new versions.
         •  Is an easily installable and user-friendly application
         •  Provides safeguards against unauthorized access of someone's PC and e-mails.
         •  Secures the execution of ERP/MRP/other executable programs using Token (with DSC), thus preventing              loss of data and tampering of transactions by others.
         •  Is a Windows based application; no extra software license is required.

(n)Tree a significant product for all organizations.
(n)Tree is a useful application for all organizations to address the need of security where information and data is very crucial and confidential. It has special appeal to Banks, Educational Institutes, Financial Organizations, Pharmaceutical companies, Government sector, Information Technology companies, Call Centers, Consultants, Chartered Accountants firms etc.

Class 2 only Sign 2 Years @ Rs 260/- || (n)Code will now issue Digital Signature Certificates as per New Interoperability Guidelines ver 5.2 || Notifications by office of CCA for issuance of digital signature certificate :: Notification 1, Notification 2, Notification 3. || "Time Stamp Authentication services launched" http://timestamping.ncode.in || "Time Stamp Authentication services launched" https://esign.ncode.in/esig ||
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