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Class I
[ Individuals ]
Copy of any one of the following :
Passport or Driving license or Voters ID or PAN Card or
P F Statement / P F Book or Ration Card
Physical Presence : No
• Secure Email
Rs. 500/-
for a year
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  Class I Certificates are issued to individuals to allow them to secure email messages. The Class I certificates can be used to:

Digitally sign emails Subscribers can digitally sign e-mail messages using the (n)Code Solutions CA Class I Certificates to assure the recipient about the authenticity of the sender.

Encrypt emails Subscribers can encrypt emails using the (n)Code Solutions CA Class I Certificates to prevent unauthorized entities from reading them.

Authenticate Subscribers can authenticate themselves to a Web Server for secure communication with the Web Server using (n)Code Solutions CA Class I Digital Certificates. The authentication enables secure information transfer such as credit card details.

(n)Code Solutions CA Class I Certificates, however, do not facilitate strong authentication of the identity of the Subscriber; hence are not intended, and shall not be relied upon, for commercial use where proof of identity is required. (n)Code Solutions CA Class I Certificates are recommended to be used for low risk transactions.
(n)Code will now issue Digital Signature Certificates as per New Interoperability Guidelines ver 5.2 || Notifications by office of CCA for issuance of digital signature certificate :: Notification 1, Notification 2, Notification 3. || "Time Stamp Authentication services launched" http://timestamping.ncode.in || "Time Stamp Authentication services launched" https://esign.ncode.in/esig ||
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