Documents Required and Submitted by the Applicant (POR : Proof of rights documents)

Documents required for an Organization / Enterprise for (n)eXIM

Certified true copy (from Company Secretary / Director / Partner / Proprietor of the organization)
of any one :

            •  Certificate of Incorporation or
            •  Memorandum and Articles of Association or
            •  Registered Partnership Deed or
            •  Valid business license document

Certified true copy of any one :
            •  Annual Report or
•  Income Tax Return or
•  Statement of Income or
•  Letter from the bank giving bank details of the organization

            •  Authorization Letter in favour of the certificate applicant from the applicant organization (as per                 the format attached herewith)
            •   Latest photograph of the applicant

            •   IEC Certificate Photocopy

Note :
            •  Applicants for (n)eXIM shall present themselves at the LRA location where the registration form for                (n)eXIM was sent, for verification of physical presence.
            •  Please refer to the CPS for more information.